Proicere, Inc. will work with both companies and individuals to develop personalized classes.   Proicere, Inc. has courses developed for the following classes, but any class can be customized for both content and hours. Other classes can be developed at the customers’ request.


Course TitleClass DescriptionEstimated Hours
Important BasicsThis course is an introduction to the Windows environment, mouse and keyboard settings, key Window terms, keyboard shortcuts, when to right click, and what to do if your mouse stops working. These are the things that most people will assume you already know.
Facebook SecurityBefore you post information onto your Facebook account, let's make sure the whole world can't see it.3
Intro to Software, Internet, and Security/Passwords
A must for any job seeker and those new to computers! Meet your desktop; get introduced to the operating system, Internet, and many of the programs in Microsoft Office. This is an introduction to MS Office. The student will only get about an hour to play with each product.12
File Management
Are you comfortable saving files; do you have difficulty finding documents? “Aha!” moments come when you know the rules for files and folders. Learn how to find lost files, how to use Libraries, and understand file extensions and properties. 6
MS Access: Developing a Database
Access isn’t rocket science - it’s a database! This is the most simplified Access course you can find. Pamela shares her extensive experience of uses for Access while covering essential fundamental skills and concepts in this interactive course.18
MS Access: Level 2
Do you have an Access database that needs tweaking and some automation.  This class will help you give your database a professional look and make life easier on the end user.15
MS Excel: Basics
This outstanding course will help you quickly learn essential spreadsheet design and development skills. Major topics covered are: basic structure, formatting and custom formatting, absolute/relative addressing, basic formulas, sorting/searching, ranges, charts, graphics, pivot tables, filters, and more!15
MS Excel: Level 2
Why not truly excel in Excel? If you want to increase productivity and streamline repetitive tasks, get ready to be impressed at how much can be customized and automated. Discover functions such as IF, embedded IF, and PMT (payment). Scenarios, linking, mail merging from Excel to Word, and simple macros will also be included.
MS Office BasicsLearn the basics of Windows File Management, and an introduction to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher, and Outlook. 8
MS PowerPoint: Developing a Presentation
Learn the basics of PowerPoint6
MS Publisher: Basics
New and old businesses are wasting a lot of money if Microsoft Publisher isn’t being used to quickly produce professional quality business cards, postcards, flyers, calendars, high-end brochures, signs and more. This course will show you how easy Publisher is to manipulate and that you do not have to be a graphic artist to get great results. Learn - save money!
MS Publisher: Level 2
Use Publisher to create mail merge documents including the ability to mail merge into an email blast.6
MS Word: Basics
Microsoft Word and Excel are considered mandatory skills in today’s job market and technology world. Learn essential word processing fundamentals, shortcuts and tips, ribbons, tool bars, formatting, paragraph and page tools, and templates.18
MS Word: Level 2
Build on your knowledge of Word.  Learn to do Mail Merge, Macros, and more.18
OneNote: BasicsOneNote is a fantastic organizational tool.  The program allows the capture of objects that can be stored and organized in OneNote.
Outlook & OneNote IntroductionLearn business emailing using Outlook 2010 and when to use Microsoft OneNote 2010.6
Outlook: BasicsLearn the basics of Outlook's Email, Contacts, and Calendars.  Learn to add attachments to an email, create a new contact, and add appointments on the calendar with reminders.9
Outlook: Level 2
Do you make Outlook work for YOU? Learn lots of shortcuts and how to customize Outlook, make several calendars, sort emails into folders using rules, organize tasks, and send meeting invitations. Learn how to import contact information from an Excel spreadsheet and mail merge into Word or Publisher using Outlook contacts.6
Phone: Windows 8/8.1/10: BasicsNew to Windows phone.  Learn the basics on using your phone including adding apps from the store.  Windows 8 comes with Word, Excel, and OneNote.  Learn to access and use these programs.
Windows 8/8.1/10: BasicsWindows has been completely reimagined and reinvented. Topics covered are: essential operating system tools, basic file management, search methods, the Charms Bar (8/8.1), Jump Lists, Control Panel, accessories, Ease of Access, how to add and remove App Tiles, and more.12
Windows 8/8.1/10: Level 2Learn tips on Apps Tile groups, pop-up messages, running apps side by side, using the Sharing Tab, Quick Access and Ease of Access features, preinstalled applications, installing fonts, and more.9
Windows 10:TransitionHave you just upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system and find it frustrating.  Once you learn the tricks, life is good again.  This course assumes you are comfortable with one of the older Windows operating systems.
MS PowerPoint: EnhancingBuild on your knowledge of PowerPoint by learning tricks, shortcuts, create master and note slides, and increase your knowledge of manipulating sounds and animations.6