About Us

Proicere, Inc. was started when a programmer and an instructor found there was a need of small businesses for quality help to automate, but at a cost they could afford. There are many large computer companies that automate businesses, but they find it frustrating working with an end user that has limited computer knowledge. The large computer companies are geared for large projects and often find it impossible to gear down to the needs of small businesses. The large computer companies also charge high fees for their work. It is not that they do not deserve their high fees, but a small business may not have the resources needed for a project that may be overkill for their needs.
Proicere, Inc. enjoys working with customers with a wide range of computer knowledge. Part of our job is to train and inform users on the new technology empowering them to make the decisions that are best for their company. We do all this at a cost that a small business can afford.